As a technology development company, Aztera develops prototypes and helps clients learn from those prototypes quickly through test and measurement – a process that speeds up R&D – ultimately providing a market-ready product in record time.

  • Prototyping design, build, and implementation
  • Data acquisition system architecture and integration
  • Software development
  • Prototype installation and test

Aztera is said to be “agile” and this has much to do with having the right specialized team, and the right network. While specializations among Aztera’s engineers are key, Aztera’s network is collaborative and provides capabilities that span from concept design to manufacturing and packaging.

Automated Test & Measurement


Fast, Responsive, Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control

We provide automated test + measurement that is economic, efficient, and effective. Save yourself the trouble of manual measurements! From advanced medical devices and missile testing to ordinary circuit boards, we love challenges! Using LabVIEW based technology, we deliver solutions that improve the final quality of your product.

We offer:

  • Test and Manufacturing needs analysis.
  • Data acquisition, signal conditioning, and data management implementation.
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems.
  • Software development including test executive and embedded systems.
  • Full turnkey development including hardware and mechanical support.


  • Accelerate your project schedule, while reducing your project risks!
  • Dispense with human error.
  • Diminish defects.
  • Prove safety features perform as designed under any and all conditions.
  • Streamline production throughput.
  • Leverage innovative industry test tools + test data for effective results.

The Aztera Process

Innovate. Process. Execute.

The Aztera Process is all about agility. We focus on giving our clients exactly what they need. Instead of building the final product from the get-go, we build smaller iterations that are proven to work. We work closely with clients and get their feedback at each step of the process. In the end, the client knows exactly what they are getting.

The Aztera Process = A quality prototype that works.

The News. The Scoop. The Word. The Goods.

Whatever you want to call it, we have it for you right here on our blog.

Check back often for the latest news on Aztera’s amazing products, services, and community involvement.


The right minds. The right technology.

We feel privileged to contribute to some of the most advanced technology programs in the country. From top research groups in both industry and academia, we provide our best integrated systems to drive technology forward.

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Need engineering support? Developing a new technology and want test & measurement data NOW? Need a prototype? Want to learn more about your current prototype? Have a new technology that needs to become a finalized product?

We can help!

If you need technology development, prototype development, automated test + measurement, or engineering support, contact us. We would love to discuss how Aztera can help.

Meet Our Talented Team

Aztera takes pride in hiring the best and brightest in engineering and business development!
Aztera is a young and cool company – with motivated talent from multidisciplinary backgrounds.


Aztera partners with industry leaders to make technology happen.

Technology is born from creative and scientific minds researching novel ideas that will change the future. Working closely with research groups (both private and academic), Aztera can develop real prototypes to drive a technology to market. Aztera leverages forth these critical partnerships to conceive, build, and manufacture technology products that sell.

Aztera has a history of quality service and valuable relationships.


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Mission and CEO Message


Aztera delivers optimum solutions to client technology challenges throughout product development.
As a trusted solution provider, Aztera drives technology ideas to become solid commercialized products.

Aztera: CEO Message

Dear Visitor,

Aztera is a technology development company. Our focus is on helping our clients take their technology to the prototype level and then to production with our partners. Aztera has a talented group of engineers who are experts in automated test + measurement. We use and develop cutting-edge software and hardware to meet our clients’ automation needs. Our automated test + measurement can save a company valuable time and money, while providing detailed and accurate results. We take pride in our agile process. We focus on giving our clients exactly what they need. Instead of building the final product from the get-go, we build smaller iterations that are proven work. We work closely with clients and get their feedback at each step of the process. This means that at the end of the process, Aztera clients know exactly what they are getting: a quality prototype that works.

As a young company, we would not be able to obtain the success without the support of the community and Arizona’s increase in entrepreneurial spirit. We are closely tied with the University of Arizona, especially the College of Engineering, and AzRise, a renewable energy center. We take pride in our work with Intel, Biosphere 2, and a variety of companies in Tucson and Phoenix, large and small. We are involved in and support Tucson business and the startup community through groups like Startup Tucson and Gangplank Tucson. We also partner with companies and organizations that believe in and invest strongly in our community, such as Injected Media, Tucson Supplier Partnership, and Desert Angels.

For all of the reasons above, I am proud to be a part of the Aztera team. I encourage you to connect with Aztera and work with us to turn your idea into a real technology product.

Manny Teran,
Founder & CEO