While working as a liaison between businesses that sold automated equipment and those that needed automated testing services, Manny Teran noticed an overwhelming lack of engineering support. Companies that purchased test equipment had to find a way to customize it to their needs, which was inefficient, inconvenient, and diverted resources away from the business' primary and most important focus. Teran realized there was a need for customer-focused technology development, and he launched Aztera in March of 2011 to solve that problem.

Aztera began by developing and customizing software specific to clients' needs. Businesses realized they could count on Aztera to save them time, effort, and resources. As word of Aztera's excellent customer service grew, so did the firm’s capabilities. Aztera is now a full-service engineering solutions firm with a team of specialized engineers and driven entrepreneurs who help clients turn their innovative ideas into market-ready products.

Aztera's team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers work with early, growing, and mature companies to develop novel technologies, build functional prototypes, and create robust test equipment. Our business development team works to provide manufacturing solutions and assist clients with the complex process of commercialization.

While the firm's offerings have expanded, it has never lost sight of the importance of customization, client collaboration, and customer service. From start to finish, Aztera's philosophy is simple: we work closely with clients to produce solid engineering designs, proof of concept prototypes, robust test equipment, and manufacture and commercialize novel product ideas that meet our customers' exact specifications. Simply put, Aztera makes technology work.

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