Aztera's clients benefit from the close working partnerships we have within the regional business and startup communities. We often collaborate with a wide network of industry experts to help our clients quickly achieve their specialized high-tech and manufacturing needs and we take pride in work done with Intel, National instruments, Biosphere 2, and a variety of large and small companies in Tucson and Phoenix. Our involvement in the Tucson Manufacturing Group, a network of coordinated specialists who provide cost-effective manufacturing for high-tech and highly specialized products, ensures our clients always have access to the best local services.

Our partnerships not only benefit our clients, they also strengthen our entrepreneurial community. Aztera is involved in hands-on partnerships with local government, educational, and nonprofit organizations that are working to build Tucson's business and startup communities. We are actively involved in Startup Tucson and are a member and ambassador for the Arizona Technology Council, the state's premier trade association for science and technology companies.

Aztera also has ties with the University of Arizona through Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), the College of Engineering, and AzRise, a renewable energy center. We are involved in the Commercialization Network Alliance where we work together with TLA and the City of Tucson to develop a network of experts to advance the commercialization of UA technologies. We also work with TLA on Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), a highly competitive U.S. government award that enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from commercialization.