For a lot of homeowners, heating and cooling their homes involves an inefficient guessing game that often leads to higher electric bills than expected. Additionally, electric power companies need a better way to gather information about HVAC usage to avoid peak time usage and help with demand-response events. Acomni identified a single novel solution that could be mutually beneficial to the electric company and customer alike: a Wi-Fi enabled monitoring device that allows customers to make decisions based on cost as well as comfort from anywhere in the world, and gives electric power companies access to information about household HVAC systems, the largest consumption of household power. While Acomni’s engineers developed a great product, they came to Aztera for business development help and assistance taking the product to market.

Acomni developed a completely new and hands-on way of looking at home temperature modulation and energy consumption, and they needed a smart business plan as well as manufacturing and commercialization support to help them successfully bring their innovation to market. Our versatile team provided some mechanical design to finalize the product and then helped Acomni manufacture the board. We also helped the startup move toward a successful product launch by writing business and fundraising plans.

The key to this project was to polish an existing mechanical design and provide product management and commercialization assistance to help a great innovation get off the ground.