Intel was interested in developing more energy efficient computing platforms, but in order to do that, they needed a reliable method to accurately measure component power. Though they design and build technologies for computing devices, Intel doesn’t make test equipment, so they reached out to Aztera to help develop a power profiler that addressed their specific hardware, software, and packaging needs.

Aztera’s electrical engineers worked alongside Intel engineers to create a customized interposer board, and our mechanical engineers designed a compact sheet metal enclosure tailor-made for the new circuit boards. To make the hardware easier to use, our software engineers developed a simple interface that displays real-time power measurements in graph or table formats, and also logs the data for review. Finally, Aztera’s technical writing team developed a user’s manual to help Intel employees quickly learn the ins and outs of the Power Profiler 2.0.

Aztera manufactured the final kits – which include the Power Profiler 2.0, a flash drive with the software, all necessary cables, the user’s manual, and an optional system for data logging – in portable Pelican cases with customized foam packaging for secure transportation.

Aztera’s diverse and collaborative team brought together all the pieces of the puzzle to create and manufacture an efficient and effective portable power measurement kit that met Intel’s exact specifications. The result is the Power Profiler 2.0, a compact and simplified kit that allows Intel to quickly and accurately measure component power on its platforms.