Instant BioScan, Inc. came to Aztera with a product idea for a new highly sensitive instrument to instantly detect microbes in water, but the small, employee-owned company needed help to produce some specialized mechanical designs and technical writing.

Aztera provided initial design engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing support, and continued to work with Instant BioScan as it grew to provide additional engineering and business support services. Aztera’s mechanical engineers worked with Instant BioScan to design and improve certain mechanical components of the monitoring systems. Using SolidWorks CAD software, they were able to simplify and accelerate the design process, saving time, and making sure the system functioned correctly and to the highest standard. Additionally, Aztera’s technical writing professional developed the bill of materials justification and wrote the installation and replacement manuals for the products, taking complex scientific materials and translating them into easily understandable language.

Aztera’s full-service team stepped in to provide solutions to a small technology firm that didn’t have the manpower to complete these tasks in-house. As a result of the collaboration, Instant BioScan was able to ensure that their products were ready for the manufacturing process and that their future customers would have the documentation they need to effectively use the devices.