Many bars experience a high volume of beer loss, which directly affects their bottom lines. The founders of Keg Watch wanted to create an advanced monitoring system that would track, measure, and report on over pouring due to faulty line pressure or improperly sized hoses so business owners could use the data to know how much remained in each of their kegs, identify loss, and better understand usage trends and make informed decisions about inventory. They came to Aztera for help developing, fabricating, and testing the new and improved system.

Aztera’s engineers worked with Keg Watch to update and improve its software and hardware and then helped fabricate and test its new system. Our mechanical engineers modified and updated the main boards to include a Wi-Fi module and antenna connector and designed a new custom-fitted aluminum housing. Our software experts updated and improved the programming interface for the main board and expansion boards plus designed software to ensure they supported expanded capabilities and Wi-Fi operations. Finally, our team worked together to build test fixtures that examine the prototype for proper operations, data collection, and communication. The result is a robust and scalable product that is proven to perform to our client’s exact specifications.

Aztera’s collaborative team took an early-stage prototype and made improvements to its hardware and software to make it into a better, more user-friendly product that is ready to go to market.