Some states have laws which require whips on the back of off-road vehicles, but Smart Whips founders realized that there was a need for a more functional and safe whip design for off-road vehicles that could double as a break light and S.O.S. distress signal. They came to Aztera to make a proof of concept design as well as to develop and produce prototypes in time for a tradeshow.

Aztera’s engineers worked with Smart Whips to design a practical whip with integrated lights that emit signals and sync with other whips. Our engineers first worked to create a proof of concept prototype. The whips had to be very flexible but tough enough to withstand the harsh environment of the sand dunes, and our mechanical engineers determined that a unique combination of fiberglass and polycarbonate would allow them to bend nearly in half without breaking. Our software experts developed a system to control the light strings from a three-button interface that can produce 193 different color, strobe, and fade setting, but no matter the setting, when the system senses a signal from the brakes, it turns solid red. Our engineers created a customized printed circuit board, packaged all of the electronic components within the small space, and finalized the programming in time to produce 15 prototypes for Smart Whips to present at a tradeshow.

Aztera’s creative collaborators took a customer’s idea and built a product from scratch that met the client’s exact specifications. With a working prototype in hand, Smart Whips was able to present at a tradeshow where they sold all 15 prototypes and received dozens of new orders for their innovation.

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