Many different devices are currently used to take temperature readings for different applications, but all have their drawbacks: traditional thermostats take time to equilibrate, and infrared guns are bulky and inconvenient. The founders of TempSnap had the novel idea to create a small, versatile device that combines the instant temperature reading of an infrared gun with the convenience and ease of a traditional thermostat all while communicating with a Smartphone to report and store results. The product could have countless applications from HVAC to wineries, but it needed to be designed and precision engineered first, so TempSnap came to Aztera to turn the idea into reality.

Aztera’s engineers worked closely with TempSnap to build a product from scratch that met their exact specifications. Our electrical engineers built a circuit board with a microcontroller that communicates with an infrared sensor that provides immediate, non-contact temperature readings. Our mechanical engineers used SolidWorks to design and print a 3D enclosure for the device, and a trusted app developer was brought in to create a user-friendly Smartphone application that reported and stored results. The result is a single device that can be plugged into the headphone jack on a Smartphone and used to take temperature readings of a variety of objects.

Aztera’s agile team of innovators designed and built an entire product from scratch based on a client’s concept. With a working prototype in hand, the TempSnap team was able to better communicate with stakeholders.