Many bedridden patients are unable to reposition themselves in their hospital bed or have difficulty maintaining a medically preferred position. Immobility and improper positioning can lead to bedsores, ulcers, difficulty with labor and vital resuscitation in fetal heart rate, and other medical complications. To avoid these issues and maintain a high level of patient care, healthcare providers are tasked with physically turning and positioning patients, but in doing so, they often face the risk of injuring themselves. The founders of TiltRite had an idea for how to use technology to solve these common healthcare challenges, and they came to Aztera for help with prototyping and business development.

Aztera’s engineers worked with TiltRite to develop their novel solution to the complications of patient immobility. The concept involved using multiple integrated air chambers in a bed lining to allow a patient to be turned or moved to a different angle at the flick of a switch – no physical lifting or adjustment of internal parts necessary. Our engineers quickly designed and built a cost-efficient proof of concept prototype using locally sourced and commonly available mechanical parts and developed a simple user-friendly adjustable switch that fully controls the separate air chambers. The result is the TiltRite, which prevents patient complications and reduces cost of treatment while also saving time and eliminating the risk of injury for healthcare professionals. Our business development team created drawings, needs analysis, and more to support efforts to secure intellectual property, and is now working with TiltRite on a comprehensive business and marketing plan.

Aztera’s full-service team took this product from concept to prototype. Aztera engineers worked with TiltRite to develop technology to provide a faster, more convenient, and cost-efficient solution to a common healthcare challenge, and our business development professionals are helping TiltRite secure its intellectual property and prepare to bring its product to market.