Aztera's full-service team helps emerging and established companies successfully commercialize inventions and discoveries. Our experienced business technology consultants provide personalized assistance to help clients overcome barriers to reach commercialization, such as developing a corporate strategy, conducting market research, writing business and marketing plans, and building investment packages.

Our agile engineering foundation allows us to accelerate the pace of commercialization for our clients by creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to test the validity of a product, developing manufacture-ready products, and connecting customers with our extensive network of engineering and manufacturing specialists.

Additionally, since 2013, Aztera has been involved in the Commercialization Network Alliance, a partnership with the City of Tucson and the University of Arizona's Tech Launch Arizona – Wheelhouse Arizona that aims to build a network of experts to consult on the commercial relevance of UA-developed technologies.

If you are facing commercialization challenges, Aztera can provide the support you need to successfully transition your technologies into the marketplace. Simply put, we make technology work.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business development assistance
  • Engineering evaluations of product viability and developing MVPs
  • Team members with solid business experience starting and selling companies

  • Involved in the Commercialization Network Alliance with UA and City of Tucson
  • Placing interim/long-term management for projects under the Aztera umbrella
  • Supplying flexible fundraising options

  • Producing investment packages
  • Writing executive summaries and business plans
  • Conducting market research and creating marketing materials
  • Technical writing for internal and external audiences

Commercialization assistance is just a piece of the wide range of agile services Aztera provides. Learn more about our technology development, prototyping, embedded software, testing, and manufacturing support solutions. We also offer business development and marketing support for select clients. Aztera’s full range of services can help you take your technical ideas from concept to commercialization.

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