Aztera's full-service team can help bring your product from concept to market through our integrated manufacturing support services. Whether you work directly with our in-house manufacturing team on a small-scale production run, or have us manage your large-scale project with our network of trusted manufacturing partners, we can help you maximize efficiency and minimize costs and time to market.

While Aztera can provide stand-alone manufacturing support, our team of collaborative engineers and business professionals specialize in design to manufacture, which involves working closely with our clients to develop extremely detailed drawings, considering weight and size requirements, and acquiring comprehensive manufacturing quotes that allow you to better predict company finances and properly price your product. Aztera is a trusted manufacturing support partner for companies in the computing, energy, and life sciences industries, but our agile customer-focused approach enables us to provide manufacturing solutions for many fields.

If you are in need of manufacturing support, Aztera can provide innovative solutions. Simply put, we make technology work.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design to manufacture to ensure your product is feasible, rigid, and functional
  • SolidWorks certified professionals in mechanical design and advanced sheet metal
  • Capable of working with and performing machining operations on various materials, including metals, plastics, and wood

  • Provide quotes on small-scale, in-house production
  • Small scale in-house additive manufacturing capabilities (3D Printing)
  • Low volume conventional and CNC machining in-house support
  • Network of local manufacturing experts who can provide large-scale production

  • Develop detailed designs for manufacturing quotes
  • Provide CAD mechanical design for customer and/or manufacturer
  • Experienced with both MIG and TIG welding for steel and aluminum applications

Manufacturing support is just a piece of the wide range of responsive services Aztera provides. Learn more about our technology development, prototyping, testing, embedded software, and commercialization assistance solutions. We also offer business development and marketing support for select clients. Aztera’s full range of services can help you take your technical ideas from concept to commercialization.

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