Senior Software Engineer II

Sean brings a fusion of software development and control engineering knowledge to the Aztera team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Engineering all from the University of Arizona. Sean completed his PhD at the Compositional Systems Lab under the direction of Professor Jonathan Sprinkle. His research and education focused on model driven development and control engineering with a focus on applications in autonomous vehicles. He also worked on projects relating to social network analysis, dynamically reconfiguring embedded systems at runtime, and constraining data acquired by citizen scientists. His dissertation topic blended control engineering and model based design to develop modeling languages capable of automatically fixing constraint violations in system designs. Sean is well versed in several programming languages including C/C++, MATLAB/Simulink, Java, Javascript, PHP, Perl, and Objective C and he has had professional experience with many more. His seventeen years of experience in software development mean that he is capable of picking up the latest programming languages with ease. His experience in software development has included embedded software, mobile phone development, system modeling, robotic control with JAUS and ROS, and software control. Additionally, Sean has experience managing groups of undergraduate students working on projects related to the autonomous vehicle at the Compositional Systems Lab.

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